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Islamic calendar
  • History of the Islamic Calendar
  • Months of the Islamic Calendar
  • Rules of the Islamic Calendar
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    The Islamic Calendar

    The Islamic calendar is a purely lunar calendar in which months correspond to the lunar phase cycle. As a result, the cycle of twelve lunar months regresses through the seasons over a period of about 33 years. For religious purposes, Muslims begin the months with the first visibility of the lunar crescent after conjunction. For civil purposes a tabulated calendar that approximates the lunar phase cycle is often used.

    The seven-day week is observed with each day beginning at sunset. Weekdays are specified by number, with day 1 beginning at sunset on Saturday and ending at sunset on Sunday. Day 5, which is called Jum`a, is the day for congregational prayers. Unlike the Sabbath days of the Christians and Jews, however, Jum`a is not a day of rest. Jum`a begins at sunset on Thursday and ends at sunset on Friday

  • History of the Islamic Calendar
  • The Islamic Calendar
  • Rules of the Islamic Calendar
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