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Hebrew calendar
  • Rules of the Hebrew Calendar
  • Terminology of the Hebrew Calendar
  • History of the Hebrew Calendar
  • Construction of Hebrew Calendar
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    The Hebrew Calendar

    As it exists today, the Hebrew calendar is a lunisolar calendar that is based on calculation rather than observation. This calendar is the official calendar of Israel and is the liturgical calendar of the Jewish faith.
    In principle the beginning of each month is determined by a tabular New Moon (molad) that is based on an adopted mean value of the lunation cycle. To ensure that religious festivals occur in appropriate seasons, months are intercalated according to the Metonic cycle, in which 235 lunations occur in nineteen years.

    By tradition, days of the week are designated by number, with only the seventh day, Sabbath, having a specific name. Days are reckoned from sunset to sunset, so that day 1 begins at sunset on Saturday and ends at sunset on Sunday. The Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday and ends at sunset on Saturday.

  • The Hebrew Calendar
  • History of the Hebrew Calendar
  • Rules of the Hebrew Calendar
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